The undergraduate minor in entrepreneurship at the University of Missouri is built upon three pillars:

  1. Development of Creativity
  2. Opportunity for Innovative Action
  3. Management of Entrepreneurial Enterprises

Students who wish to complete the minor are encouraged to declare their intention as soon as possible. This allows the required courses to be effectively integrated into their course schedules along with other courses required for their intended major. An advisory committee will be appointed to make administrative decisions related to the minor (course additions/deletions). The members will be recommended by deans of the participating schools and colleges. Primary responsibility for student advising falls within the home college of the student OR in the unit where students claim the minor (e.g. Arts and Sciences students).

The minor consists of 16 credit hours. Students must complete coursework in management, creativity, and innovation, as well as in a workshop series that represents a common learning experience for all MU entrepreneurship minors. Three hours of coursework is required in each area, and a one hour experiential seminar course. Students must select the final three hours to complete the minor from approved courses in one of the pillars.